Partnership Work Groups

In October 2006, the newly formed Partnership, per Executive Order S-05-05, delivered its recommendations to the governor in the Strategic Action Proposal (SAP) – “The San Joaquin Valley: California’s 21st Century Opportunity.”

The Partnership developed three overarching goals for the Valley: to grow a prosperous economy, create a quality environment, and achieve social equity. In support of these goals, the Partnership developed 10 work groups made up of stakeholders from public and private sectors and with the purpose to support the Partnership’s mission by creating and fostering a culture of leadership, action, and accountability. In 2015, the 10 work groups were transitioned to seven work groups when the Partnership established seven priorities. Three of the work groups were absorbed into the newly established priorities.

More specifically, the work groups were charged with the following six initiatives:

  1. Build a 21st Century Transportation Mobility System
  2. Grow a Diversified, Globally Competitive Economy Supported by a Highly Skilled Workforce
  3. Create a Model K-12 Public Education System
  4. Develop High-Quality Health and Human Services
  5. Attain Clean Air Standards
  6. Implement an Integrated Framework for Sustainable Growth