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San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Organization
Courtney Kalashian
Associate Executive Director
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4747 N. First St., Ste. 140
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Paul Johnson
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Year In Review 2016

In 2015, a diverse team of partners with funding from the Strategic Growth Council launched the Sustainable Energy Roadmap (SER) program throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Key partners include Madera County Transportation Commission, San Joaquin Valley Regional Policy Council, Strategic Energy Innovations, Optony, Inc., Colorado Energy Group, Inc., and National Association of Regional Councils. The program focus is to help Valley jurisdictions, particularly disadvantaged communities, and set and pursue goals relating to water conservation, smart growth, transportation, land use and energy.

Over the next year and a half of operation, 14 Valley jurisdictions signed up and participated in this program, receiving technical, tailored guidance.

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