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Regional solutions to promote affordable housing through dialogue among state, federal and local stakeholders. ACTION PLAN >



San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative

Alicia Sebastian
Program Specialist
California Coalition for Rural Housing

Email: alicia@calruralhousing.org

(916) 443-4448

Jenna Chilingerian
Program Coordinator
Office of Community & Economic Development
California State University, Fresno


(559) 278-6119


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Affordable Housing Summit 2016

The Housing Connection: Housing as an Anti-Poverty Strategy

The housing crisis is just as pervasive an issue in the San Joaquin Valley as it is in anywhere else in California. This crisis reaches beyond issues of affordability and crosses into community health outcomes, environmental impacts, transportation access, educational opportunities, and community and economic development. As Valley communities strive to fight poverty — individuals, neighborhoods, and regionally — housing is one critical took, but it is most effective as a part of a greater solution. The 5th Annual San Joaquin Valley Affordable Housing Summit is bringing together housers and non-housers alike to think critically on the role of housing as a part of regional anti-poverty strategy

Thursday, August 18, 2016
9:00am to 4:00pm

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2016-17 Board of Directors

Kudos 2015 | San Joaquin County

The San Joaquin Sustainable Communities Coalition in San Joaquin County was created as a result of California Senate Bill 375, 2008.

SB375 required each Metropolitan Planning Organization statewide to include a Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) as part of a longrange transportation planning document, the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). See Full Kudos

Year In Review 2015

San Joaquin Valley Housing Collaborative (Collaborative) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization formed as a regional entity to specifically address housing issues in the eight-county region of the San Joaquin Valley.

The Collaborative not only serves as a much-needed forum to discuss regional challenges and strategies to address the Valley’s long- and short-term housing goals; it also serves as an invaluable tool for the region to organize as one voice when communicating with state and federal policymakers and regulatory agencies.

The Collaborative is governed by a board of directors and staffed through a partnership between the Office of Community and Economic Development at Fresno State and California Coalition for Rural Housing.

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